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Speech and Voice Therapy

Speech and voice therapy will help improve communication and the ability to stay connected to people in your life.

Programs offered:

Speak OUT! 

LSVT Loud  


Lessac-Madsen Resonant Voice Therapy

Casper-Stone Confidential Flow Therapy

Dual task training can be incorporated into voice treatment to help utilize your new voice outside of treatment.

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Swallow Therapy

Difficulty swallowing can lead to a reduction in quality of life and aspiration pneumonia. 

The following programs are offered:

MDTP, an evidence-based swallowing boot camp proven to improve swallow function.

EMST, a breathing exercise program proven to improve swallow and cough function in people with Parkinson's.

FEES and MBS can be arranged for visualization of the swallow process to improve the treatment plan.

In-Person & Virtual Voice Groups

The single greatest predictor of progression in Parkinson's is answering yes to "are you lonely?", so we are proud to offer virtual voice groups through Daily Dose PD on Wednesday mornings and in person to keep your voice strong and make connections in the community to stave off that feeling.

Group Discussion

Who I Am

Julie Fechter, MS, CCC-SLP

Inspired by my time working in nursing facilities and assisted livings, I have branched out on my own to focus on my passions: voice and swallowing, especially with people with Parkinson's disease. I was trained at Brigham Young University and University of Utah, graduating in 2008 with a BA in English language and 2010 with an MS in speech language pathology. Certified in MDTP and LSVT and trained in Speak OUT!, PhoRTE, LMRVT, and CSCFT, I am passionate about communication and eating.

In my personal time, I enjoy traveling (I recently went on a year and a half trip!), cooking, baking, dating (do I really enjoy it though??), walking around Lake Washington, attending the symphony, singing karaoke, reading, and spending time with my 16 nieces and nephews.

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